DOS0015 – Hydraulic Deadweight Tester

The oil operated deadweight tester DOS0015 has an accuracy of 0.015% of reading. This is a typical deadweight tester for industrial use and the weight set is transferred into a pressure unit.

A traceable certificate is standard and a RVA certificate is possible as an option. The certificate shows the effective area as well as a list of all masses. The deadweight tester can be leveled with adjustable feet.

An extra set of adjustable feet are included for fixing the dead weight tester to a bench. Three different pistons are available to cover ranges from 0.5 – 30 bar up to 10 – 1400 bar. Also ranges in psi and kg/cm² are available.

Operating Principle

The primary function of the system is to combine two primary metro logical quantities:

  1. the piston-cylinder which defines an effective area, A.
  2. the masses, value m, which press on the piston with a force F.
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The oil deadweight tester DOS0015 can be ordered with different mass sets. Generally it is delivered in kg. With the mentioned formula

The table gives a list of masses corresponding with the ranges. At the moment three different diameter of pistons are available but in the near future it will be expanded to more different pistons sizes:


dos0015_ds  dos0015_ds

dos0015_ug  dos0015_ug